Are you over 50 and looking for a way to improve your posture, coordination, strength, stability and self-confidence?

Coredance combines elements from dance, clinical exercise, Pilates and yoga to stimulate the mind and body.

This method gives its practitioners an increased understanding of how they move and carry their body, while giving them greater stability, control and confidence.

As we get older our daily living activities change, altering the demands on our body. Focusing on keeping our bodies agile and strong becomes a priority. Simple activities like standing, sitting and walking can be modified to assist with our body’s maintenance.

Dance allows us the opportunity to combine controlled breathing with core muscle strength and the activation of our extremities in a positive manner. Along with these fundamental physical benefits are:

• stability and posture
• improved balance and co-ordination
• improved bone density and osteoporosis prevention
• improved cardio capacity
• improved muscular strength and endurance
• improved range of movement
• mental health (agility, memory and self esteem and confidence)
• enjoyment of music
• fun and friendship

Let the endorphins kick in and enjoy a healthy pastime!