We are delighted to offer Kinderballet™ at Redland Dance. Kinderballet™ is a nationally recognised pre-school ballet programme, available to children aged between 18 months and 5 years of age. Our Kinderballet™ classes are taught by highly skilled, experienced teachers.

The programme uses imagery, props, songs and music in a relaxed and friendly environment. It promotes the love of movement, dance and classical ballet through fun and creativity. There are no uniform requirements, and no formal performances. Parents and guests will have the opportunity to see their child’s hard work and effort in Term 4 on a special Presentation Day.


Cherubs, 18 months – 2½ years old:

‘Cherubs’ is Kinderballet’s ™ programme for children between 18 months and 2½ years old. It gives a child’s care giver a beautiful and unique opportunity to nurture their cherub through music and movement. Developed in conjunction with an Early Childhood Specialist, Cherubs pairs the principles of Early Childhood Development with the energy, joy and fun of dance to provide a holistic program that develops children’s musical and physical awareness and their gross motor skills.



Mummy and Me, 2½ – 3½ years old:

This 30-minute class is aimed at 2½ – 3½ year olds. Our Kinderballet ™ ‘Mummy and Me’ programme uses imagery, props, songs and music in a relaxed and friendly environment. Your child, along with their primary care giver, will be encouraged to participate in the programme, giving the child a sense of security and confidence while developing gross motor skills, co-ordination and an introduction to musical response through movement.



Tots, 3½ – 5 years old:

Our Kinderballet™ ‘Tots’ class is 45 minutes and aimed at 3½ – 5 year olds. Bringing narrative in to play, Bella Bear will take your child on a different journey each term. Using imagery, props, songs and music your child will be immersed into a world of imagination and be introduced to the beginnings of classical ballet. Your child will develop their gross motor skills and creative movement in an independent environment that will also encourage them to gain confidence and a sense of individuality, which is so valuable to this pre-school age.